January - May 2014

Solutions for Selling Up

Bryant® Evolution® products provide your dealers with a great opportunity to sell up and differentiate themselves from the competition. But your dealers won’t sell what they don’t know—that’s where the Bryant Power of 3 Workshops come in! These workshops pull all the features, benefits and sales tools together into one powerful day of training.

In 2014, we’re offering three different powerful workshops for your dealers!

Three Powerful Workshops

  1. Evolution Solutions Workshop is designed to help dealers that are not currently selling higher end equipment.
  2. Bryant Pro iPad® App Advanced Workshop will provide dealers with powerful tools to help them select the right system options.
  3. Bryant Pro iPad® App Basic Workshop is a hands-on class designed for the dealer that is totally unfamiliar with an iPad or the Bryant Pro iPad App.

The Solution to Getting Started

It’s easy to bring a workshop to your distributorship’s city because the planning and preparation are done for you. Simply review the information and commit to a workshop. But don’t delay—Bryant Power of 3 Workshops are limited to one per distributor (not individual branch locations) among all Bryant distributors. It’s a limited time offer, so act quickly! There are a limited number of workshops available and they will be scheduled according to the order in which the commitments are received.