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Through the Bryant® postcard tool, you can easily personalize and send Save the Date and Reminder cards for your Bryant® Workshop.


Customize and email invitations to your customers with date, time, location, and information about the workshop you've chosen

Use RSVP deadline date of three weeks before meeting date

Ask for dealer’s most current phone number or email address when the attendee responds

Don't forget to provide your TMs with the invitation PDF

Contact dealers who have not responded to the invitation

All attendees MUST be registered


Send reminders to registered guests

Confirm attendance via phone call

Distributor sales personnel should be on hand to personally greet each attendee and help register attendees

Call your dealers or send a note to thank them for their participation

Your Sales Personnel Make The Difference! Distributor sales personnel must be included in the workshop planning process.
They should know what will be presented, the importance of the workshop, and the investment being made by you and Bryant to bring this important event to your city.

  • Review the purpose and the agenda of the workshop you've chosen as soon as you commit.
  • Give them deadlines to keep in contact with their dealers about their attendance.
  • Provide them with the invitation flier for use with their dealers.
  • On the day of the meeting, they should be on hand to personally greet and thank each attendee for their participation.
  • After the workshop day, sales personnel should follow-up with each dealer attendee to see if they understood the information presented and to answer any questions.