It's easy to bring a Bryant® Power of 3 Workshop to your city. All the planning and preperation are done for you. Just follow these five Solution steps.

November 8, 2013

You must commit to a workshop. Use the Click to Commit button to provide us with basic information.

  • Choose one of the three workshops
  • Tell us in which primary city you want your company’s workshop to be held.
  • You may request a specific date for your workshop. Although we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you, the Meeting Team will consider your request when developing the final schedule for the workshops.
  • You may list two additional cities. If the workshop route doesn’t “sell-out,” we will try to accommodate more workshops.
  • Give us your best projection of the number of participants who will attend your workshop.
  • Maximum of one workshop per distributor (not per distributor branch location).

By committing, you’re telling the Bryant Team that you want a workshop in your city, that you’ve read and understand the process and rules, and that you agree to the set pricing.

November 29, 2013

After the Commitment Deadline has passed, the Bryant Team will work out the workshop route and dates. You will then be personally notified of your distributorship’s workshop date.

All the planning and preparation are done for you– including finding a meeting location and dealing with all the meeting details. You will be notified of your specific meeting location, which will be centrally located to your dealer base and of the quality you expect.

Register your dealers. Every attendee must be registered at least 14 days in advance of your workshop. (You will be given instructions later on how to do so.)

If at this point you cannot commit to the minimum dealer attendance of 35, Bryant has the right to cancel your workshop.

It is critical that you keep us apprised of any changes to your attendance numbers during the planning process because they drive several important factors in our planning:

  • Size of the meeting room
  • Amount of food and beverage ordered
  • Quantity of materials shipped to the meeting location
  • Minimum of 35 dealer attendees is required
  • Limited to a maximum of 60 total attendees, which includes distributor personnel